Tequilla Banks

Tequilla Banks

Tequilla Banks

Executive V.P.
The New Teacher Project

A native Memphian, Tequilla Banks is passionate about interrupting intergenerational poverty and improving social mobility for all students, and views education as a key conduit for change. As an Executive Vice President, Tequilla Banks co-leads TNTP’s Client Team and partnerships with school systems, with a focus on building a thriving team and positioning TNTP for impact. She oversees TNTP’s research and evaluation efforts and chairs the Diversity Leadership Council.

Prior to this role, Tequilla served as a Vice President and lead TNTP’s work with school districts to design and implement integrated approaches to talent and academics.

Previously, as Senior Strategist, Tequilla helped lead projects such as measures of student learning with the New York City Department of Education and TNTP’s new work on student surveys.

Before joining TNTP, Tequilla worked for nine years in Memphis City Schools, where she oversaw the district-wide effort to improve student outcomes by increasing teacher effectiveness. Working alongside TNTP’s staff, Tequilla helped build community support for quality education, and drove human capital reforms that led to significant policy changes.

Tequilla holds a BA in psychology from Yale University and an MS in social work from the University of Tennessee – Knoxville. She completed coursework for her capstone degree at the University of Memphis, and is currently completing her dissertation on policy implications surrounding teacher effectiveness.