Teacher & Leadership Effectiveness Report

Report Introduction

Seeding Success works with its partners to use data to identify what works to improve student outcomes. By using national and local data, the partnership looks at issues across key student outcomes, to decide what practices, policies, and actions will make the biggest difference. We are learning a lot about what it takes to successfully support students cradle to career. For example, attending pre-school prepares students to be ready for kindergarten, having satisfactory attendance in school (missing less than 9 days in the year) helps students achieve greater proficiency in every grade keeps them from dropping out, and students who have the supports they need to plan and prepare for post-secondary opportunities are much more likely to earn a credential or degree.

We are also finding that some things matter for multiple outcomes or, in fact, for all of them. This report focuses on one of those critical factors that affects all student outcomes, effective teaching and leadership. Effective teachers are the single most important school-based factor in student achievement. Exposure to effective teachers also seems to have long-term non-academic benefits for students like lower rates of teenage pregnancy, greater rates of college-going, and higher adult earnings.

We also know that non-school factors have a significant influence on student achievement. That is why we are working with our community to link support, health, and enrichment services for students and families with the most effective school-based practices for learning. Through the Seeding Success Partnership and many other great efforts collaborating in Shelby County, we are much closer to this reality than ever before.

This report highlights the work to date of our partner Shelby County Schools to ensure every student has access to effective teachers and leaders. It contains data showing progress for our students, but we still need to do more. It also makes specific recommendation to improve on this work to date, and to sustain it.

As a parent, community member, or policy leader your support for these efforts are important for continuing to improve student outcomes in Shelby County, especially now that many of SCS’s formal grant partnerships for supporting, recruiting, and retaining effective teachers and leaders are in their final year. The district and its partners will need to ignite community support to ensure that schools secure resources to sustain the strategic pillars of teacher & leader effectiveness.

We are proud of the progress being made, but there is much left to be done. We hope this report encourages you to engage with teachers and schools across the community, and to lift your voice to support their efforts in Shelby County.

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