Partnership Meeting 9/25

At laMelissa presentingst Thursday’s Partnership Meeting, our partners met at Porter Leath’s Head Start Center to learn about and discuss one of the key indicators that will help us improve our outcomes this school year: attendance. Members of the Seeding Success team gave presentations on the most recent data surrounding attendance, proposed a strategy for sharing data within the partnership, and outlined pathways for our partners to track their progress toward reaching their outcomes.

Throughout the meeting, our partners discussed what they could do within their organizations to improve attendance. Since we know that students who are chronically absent are also not on track to being college and career ready, we as a partnership have to align our efforts towards getting kids to school, and making sure they stay there. We decided the best way for us to take action on the issue is to work more closely with the students and parents in our programs so that they can be engaged in school, and to examine the causes of truancy in our schools to cut down on suspensions.

This meeting also served as an opportunity for us to reflect on how we lead a culture of continuous improvement in Shelby County. Melissa Perry, our data analyst, broke down for us the database to be implemented into the data-sharing agreement our partners have signed. As our partners assign individuals to complete our online data-training course, the more effective this database will become as a tool for us to improve our practices. We’re grateful for everyone who came to join as we grow our capacity as a partnership.