Knowledge Quest

Knowledge Quest kids

Knowledge Quest students learning an after-school chemistry lesson from Merck employees

Mission:  To vigorously equip youth to maximize their potential through intellectual and character development.

Who They Are

A typical drive through South Memphis will prove the area is no stranger to urban blight. As abandoned houses and stray dogs have come to fill the streets, the effects of urban decay have become increasingly noticeable in areas such as the Soulsville community. Neighborhood leaders have thus taken it upon themselves to rejuvenate their communities. Providing the energy needed, Knowledge Quest has planted the seeds necessary for future success in the Soulsville community. Founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization, Knowledge Quest has been providing youth in the 38126 and 38106 zip codes with the tools necessary for success in the future. With their School-Age Academy, Teenage Academy, and their unique partnership with Hollis Price High School, the organization serves a broad age range of children – grades K-12 – to reinforce the education taught in the classroom. Alongside these youth programs, Knowledge Quest extends its reach to the Soulsville community as a whole. Recognizing the importance of parental and community support, Knowledge Quest has established programs such as its Green Leaf Learning Farm to promote unique styles of learning, community development, and food security among all of its community members. With their “adventure education” and dedication to continuous improvement, Knowledge Quest has become a unifying force in the Soulsville community.

 Continuously Improving

Currently, Knowledge Quest has limited access to their students’ data. With parental consent, they have access to each of their students’ reports cards and progress reports giving them the ability to track their students and find out particularly where they are struggling. While this access to student data has allowed them to track their students, Knowledge Quest has expressed their desire for more data. As the Seeding Success Partnership recently obtained data sharing agreements with both the Achievement School District and the Shelby County School System, Knowledge Quest is excited to have access to even more individualized data. Such information will allow Knowledge Quest to make the strategic improvement necessary to make a lasting footprint in the Soulsville community.

CAN Involvement

 Always open to new strategies, Knowledge Quest saw the Seeding Success Partnership as an opportunity that “made sense” and offered a “unique opportunity to learn and improve.” As a member of three of our four Collaborative Action Networks – Pre-k Readiness, 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency, and Post-Secondary Access – Knowledge Quest has acknowledged that the Partnership has proportionally aligned with their efforts to improve for both the future success of their programs. They have dedicated themselves to the Partnerships philosophy of continuous improvement. Knowledge Quest has committed to taking the steps necessary towards improvement for both the children of the Soulsville community and the larger city of Memphis.

 Pre-K Readiness

  • Common Core Research

3rd Grade Reading Proficiency

  • Partnership with Literacy MidSouth – an opportunity to establish an engaging summer reading program
  • Partnership with the University of Memphis – an opportunity to plan and act ahead of time in order to establish a strong reading program in the fall

Post-Secondary Access

  • “FAFSA Night” – an evening where the organization opens its doors for students and parents to learn more about the FAFSA application and to complete the application
  • ACT and SAT practice tests
  • Externship opportunities

by: Christian Warren, Rhodes Intern