Continuous Improvement

In addition to committing to the theory of Collective ImpactCollaborative Action Network members commit themselves to the process of Continuous Improvement. Here is what that process looks like:

  1. Set a community-wide goal that is supported by research (ex. 3rd grade reading proficiency)
  2. Create a plan with other stake-holders on how to accomplish this goal
  3. Take collective action toward the goal
  4. Assess the success of the action in moving toward the goal and reflect collectively on lessons learned
  5. Adjust as needed from what is learned from data to more effectively reach the desired goal

This process shapes the agenda of every meeting a CAN has and the steps guide the action plan. The beauty of the Continuous Improvement cycle is that it is always in motion- partners are constantly planning, acting, or reflecting on what works and how they can grow in what they do. By perpetually striving for better, CAN partners will improve their practice and improve the outcomes that they have with students.