FAFSA Trouble

From Inside Higher Ed

Several changes have been made to the application process for federal financial aid in recent months, with none bigger than the move from a four-digit PIN to a more secure log-in ID and Password to access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The move has been met with critics who say the change has sacrificed ease of use for security, which has negatively impacted low-income students.

Some complaints of the new system include a longer process, unusual security questions, locked accounts, and other time consuming issues that hinder families with low income and low technological literacy from completing the forms.

The Department of Education says that the increased security measures surrounding the federal student aid ID makes it more difficult for others to commit fraud.

It is important to understand the process when completing the FAFSA forms. Be prepared to create an online ID and Password in order to access your personal information and to fill out the application.

To ensure you have no problems, write down or otherwise remember your log-in information once your account has been created.

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